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RB N54 High Flow Silicone Inlets

These RB N54 turbo high flow silicone inlets are the most versatile, performance oriented, cost effective and easiest to install of all inlet systems available today. Each tube begins at that air box area at 2.25" where it gradually tapers to 2" and then finally to 1.75" for optimized fitment around the "tight spots" the N54 is known for in the real estate department. The 1.75" end fits nice and snug over the OEM style inlet snouts of most all stock frame turbo systems available today. A few high power options however now are equipped with 2" snouts (such as Pure Stage 2's and Super RB EVO’s) so we have another option for proper fitment to those snouts as well.

The RB high flow turbo inlets are built and designed with ideal considerations for air flow paths AND fitment all into one. Each hose is also wire reinforced to help prevent hose collapse under vacuum which can be generated between the air filter and turbo inlet under high boost, ensuring proper performance in all conditions. The hoses come standard with anodized CNC'd adapters (T6061) that allow the most versatility and OEM functionality, such provisioning allows compatibility with the OEM diverter valves proprietary gray clamps OR with BOV's while also allowing plug and play support of the OEM PTC heater element. Equipped standard also are high grade 316 stainless steel “soft hose and tube style" hose clamps with long tails to protect the hosing at each end, once again sparing no expenses and providing only top shelf accessories.

Another great attribute of the RB N54 high flow silicone inlets is that they have an OEM aesthetic appearance under the hood and lastly they require NO extra costly efforts such as relocations of the coolant reservoir (this can save hours upon hours of labor and hundreds in materials). No expenses were spared with this extremely versatile product, you get what you pay for and these inlets are no exception!

Fits ALL 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, Z4 and are 100% right hand drive
(RHD) compatible.
N.B. Front inlet could interfere with pulleys if large aftermarket radiators are equipped. Please use discretion if equipping both together, or see our EVO style passenger side inlets (if you have large core radiators).

Make sure you pick the right kit for your car:
1.75" - Stock turbos, RB turbos, RB Next Gens/Plus, or all turbos with OEM inlet snout.
2" - Super RB's, most Stage 2+ offerings, or all turbos with resleeved 2" inlet snouts such as Pure Stage 2 "HiFlow" turbos.

Fits: E82, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93, E60, E61, X6 and Z4 models with N54 engine​.
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  2. BMW,RB,Rob Beck,N54,High Flow Inlets
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