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VRSF N54/N55 Chargepipe

Increase throttle response, decrease turbo lag and prevent plastic OEM pipe failures with the VRSF chargepipe for your N54/N55 powered BMW. The aluminium chargepipe features a CNC billet aluminum OEM throttle body flange and is finished in powdercoated black. The VRSF chargepipe retains the OEM C-clip in order to provide a better seal over a conventional clamp/coupler design. The chargepipe is available with a Turbosmart/TiAL or HKS bov flange as well as the OEM twin diverter valve setup for the N54 as well as N55 configuration. Two plugged meth' bungs are included for those who are currently using methanol injection or interested in using meth' in the future.

VRSF chargepipes include 2 plugged meth' bungs, caps to cover your intake recirculation ports and the couplers and clamps neccessary for installation. An OEM C-clip is also available in case your OEM C-clip is lost, damaged or worn.

  • Increase throttle response and decreases turbo lag.
  • Powdercoated black aluminum piping.
  • Includes two 1/8" NPT bungs for meth/water injection.
  • Throttle body matched 3" piping.
  • Billet CNC OEM throttle body flange for a leak free connection.
  • Includes everything necessary to upgrade from factory chargepipe.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Fits: E60, E82, E84, E88, E89, E90, E91, E92, E93 with N54 and N55 engine.
  1. BMW,VRSF,N54,N55,Chargepipe
  2. BMW,VRSF,N54,N55,Chargepipe
  3. BMW,VRSF,N54,N55,Chargepipe


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