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1,000hp Capable Customised Intercooler Solution

This custom manufactured (made in Australia) 1,000hp capable intercooler has been developed for the N54/N55 135i, 335i and of course the N54 1M.  The results have been excellent with superb IAT suppression and no perceivable loss in spool speed. This intercooler is killer in both visual appeal and performance and weighs only 7.8kg utilising a lightweight 450 x 400 x 76mm fine pitch tube and fin core.

The intercooler comes with a power steering cooler relocation kit and all the necessary mounting hardware which has been professionally powder coated, with zinc coated fasteners for complete installation of both with an OEM fit and finish.

This is a no expense spared kit and only comes with the highest quality products such as Speedflow fittings and fluid lines, Aeroflow silicone couplers (300psi burst pressure) and Turbosmart constant pressure worm clamps. The relocated power steering cooler is a 10 row 330 x 76 x 51mm cooler from CXracing.

Here is a very impressive datalog that shows the excellent IAT suppression offered by this cooler for your interest. The ambient temperature was around 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the pull and the vehicle is running 400+rwkW on upgraded turbos with ZERO use of Methanol injection for IAT suppression.

Fits: E82, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93 with N54 & N55 engine.
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