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VRSF N54/N55 7.5" Race Intercooler

Replace your ineffecient factory intercooler with the VRSF 7.5" Race intercooler kit to achieve the best results with your high powered N54/N55.

The most important component of any intercooler is the core. The core cools the charged air from the turbo before it enters the engine and the BMW OEM tube and fin intercooler is designed to support low boost levels and airflow. Once boost levels and airflow are increased, the OEM unit is easily overwhelmed and can not keep up with the cooling demands of a tuned car running more than OEM boost levels. This results in heatsoak which will result in a power loss and a higher potential for pre-detonation in the upper RPM range.

VRSF remedy this problem with their ultra high density bar and plate core design which utilizes a staggered and offset internal/external fin pack. Their core has been carefully optomised to provide the the best intake temperature reduction while maintaining minimal pressure drop. This intercooler was specifically designed for upgraded turbo cars running larger hybrid twins or single turbo conversions. This core is 1,080 cubic inches in total and is 134% larger than the stock intercooler.

Fits: E82, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93 with N54 & N55 engine.

  1. VRSF,N54,N55,Race Intercooler
  2. VRSF,N54,N55,Race Intercooler
  3. VRSF,N54,N55,Race Intercooler
  4. VRSF,N54,N55,Race Intercooler
  5. VRSF,N54,N55,Race Intercooler


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