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VRSF N54/N55 7" Street Intercooler

Replace your undersized and very inefficient factory intercooler with the VRSF upgraded 7" Street intercooler to get the most out of your N54/N55. VRSF designed this cooler to be an excellent performing, direct bolt-on intercooler for your BMW whilst paying special attention to quality and performance while maintaining a reasonable price.

This intercooler allow for higher horsepower gains, mainly due to its ability to keep intake air temps down while preventing heat soak which is a common problem with the undersized factory intercooler. This results in more power and increased reliability with reduced chances of pre-detonation & knock.

Fits: E82, E88, E89, E90, E91, E92, E93 & E60 with N54 & N55 engine.
  1. VRSF,N54,N55,HD Intercooler
  2. VRSF,N54,N55,HD Intercooler
  3. VRSF,N54,N55,HD Intercooler
  4. VRSF,N54,N55,HD Intercooler


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