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Akrapovic F8x M3 & M4 Exhaust

The latest addition to the BMW M series is the awe-inspiring M3/M4, an exquisite high-performance car that can be made even better by adding an Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system.

Made from titanium with some parts cast in Akrapovič’s own foundry, this system is a completely new design, it will reduce overall vehicle weight and deliver extra power/torque with an exotic sound. The exhaust has been tailored to highlight lower frequencies and increase the aural pleasure and overall sensory experience.

The look of the Slip-On system can also be further enhanced by adding the stunning Akrapovic  carbon fibre rear diffuser.

Comes with your choice of carbon fibre/titanium or full titanium exhaust tips.

Upgrade to the complete Evolution system for a total weight saving of 11.5kg over stock at the cost of $3,100.

Fits: 2015+ M3 (F80), M4 (F82/F83) with S55 engine.
  1. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  2. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  3. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  4. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  5. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  6. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  7. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  8. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  9. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  10. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  11. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  12. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  13. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  14. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
  15. Akrapovic,F80,M3,Exhaust
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