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BC Forged Modular Wheels

BC Forged offers a range of some of the finest automotive wheels for high performance and luxury vehicles. With a large range of styles available focussing on design, strength, quality and style there is something to suit every taste for every BMW vehicle you drive. 

Available in both Monoblock and Modular (two-piece), some of the designs available include deep concave applications, lightweight racing applications, directional designs, classic styles and more.

All wheels are individually forged from T6061 aluminium and then finished in your desired colour. Due to the extreme range of options available not all styles are shown on our site.

More styles can be found on the BC North America Site  here.

If you are interested in a set of wheels please contact us and one of our specialized wheel & tyre representatives will assist in every way they can to get that right set of wheels on your BMW.
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  2. BMW,BC Forged,Modular Wheels
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